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Willow is an intuitive artist & weaver of medicine talismans. She creates from crystal, clay, feathers, wood, shell and other gifts from Nature. She weaves crystal healing necklaces, anklets & bracelets, creates pendants from clay & crystal, earrings from feather, wood & bone.
Creating is a ceremonial process …calling in healing energies of love & transformation to each piece …for Willow adorning oneself with intentional handmade jewellery is an ancient and sacred practice that brings magic and soul to our being.

Custom made

Willow offers custom made individual creations …she will tune in and allow spirit to guide her in creating your own healing medicine adornment/s Please contact Willow for orders & quotes.

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Her work is also available at The Organic Circle in Armadale, Enchanted in Margaret River, INbibebodytherapy in Exmouth and she will be at a few markets/festivals this summer season. Please see her Instagram page for updates.

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Feather Adornments

Willow creates unique feather creations of earrings & ceremonial clip in hairpieces to express your divine flow…feathers are ethically sourced & each piece is made with crystal beading, sterling silver or brass hooks, shells & other natural materials

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Dream Catchers

Willow weaves nature dream catchers from willow branches, feathers, twine, crystals, wood & bone.

She collects all the materials ceremonially & respectfully invoking healing & magic into the entire process.

She was taught how to weave these from a native American elder many many moons ago & has been weaving them with the intention of clearing energies & holding healing light for peoples spaces the past 20 years.

Each creation holds the energies of the spirit of the bird that the feathers are collected from. Prayer & permission is asked from spirit as each weaving is created.

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Custom Intuitive Talismans

Willow takes commissions for custom talismans, handcrafted to your specific needs/purposes.

Her process is one of deep connection with spirit…tuning into your energy…journeying into the crystal realms to feel what energies will serve and support you.

Willow calls on the universal ancestral wisdom as your piece is created into being.

She loves to work in this way channeling divine love energy into your creation with the intention to uplift, heal & connect all beings.

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